Do Mann Made fire pits come with a warranty?

 All Mann Made Fire pits are built from high quality 1/4” steel and come with a lifetime warranty to not rust through when used as a wood or charcoal burning fire pit and kept free of standing water.

Will you do custom designs on fire pit bowls and spheres?

Yes, we are happy to work with our customers on custom designs and projects that reflect their taste and personality. Lead time on custom orders is typically about two weeks from time customer approves of design.

What types of finishes are available?

We currently offer three types of finishes on our fire pit bowls and spheres: Natural rust patina, brushed bronze and black.

What surfaces are suitable for placement of Mann Made fire pits?

We recommend that fire pits be placed on a concrete, stone, steel, or earth surface. Do not place fire pits on a wood surface as this could result in the wood catching fire.

Does your company ship fire pit bowls and spheres?

We currently ship anywhere in the continental United States.

Do your pits have drain holes?

Yes, all of our fire pit bowls and spheres have three holes to allow for water drainage. It is important to keep drainage holes open so that water does not sit in the pit when not in use.

How much do your fire pit bowls weigh?

  • Our 30” bowl weighs approximately 100 lbs

  • Our 37” bowl weighs approximately 165 lbs

  • Our 41” bowl weighs approximately 235 lbs

How much do your fire pit spheres weigh?

  • Our 37” sphere weighs approximately 225 lbs

  • Our 41” sphere weighs approximately 300 lbs